Alumni share the profound impact Jesuit had on their spirits, careers and educations.

“Jesuit has been a vital part of my life as a student, athlete, coach, and staff member since I was 14 years old. Jesuit is a vibrant and comforting community that has created the perfect environment for myself and countless others to grow and discover who they are truly called to be in life. I wake up every morning knowing I am blessed to still be a Marauder and I value the awesome opportunity to give back to the school that has drawn out the best in me for nearly 30 years.”

Jon Rotz, Class of 1992
Assistant Director of Admissions

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“Jesuit High School is so much more than an institution that prepares young men for success in college. It is a community that strives to instill the values that will make any young man successful in life. Yes, my academic experience at Jesuit had me prepared, more than most, when I continued my education at Santa Clara University, but it’s these gained values that made me ready for life after school. At Jesuit, I learned how to be a better son, brother, friend and future husband; a leader in my community, a selfless “Man for Others”, and a positive influence in this crazy and beautiful world we all live in.”

Matthew Ramos, Class of 2005
Director of Admissions

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“My experience at Jesuit impacted me more than I could have ever thought possible as a young man entering high school. I learned just as much about who I was as a person and what it truly means to be a ‘Man for Others’ as I did in the classroom. I loved the idea of educating the whole person so much that I studied at a Jesuit university, where I furthered my growth as a man. The lessons I learned while at Jesuit High School still stick with me each and every day, and I have no doubt that I am a better individual because of that exposure to faith and education.”

Kyle Tooley, Class of 2013
Director of Alumni Relations

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